Ricky Ponting isn’t a different batsman when he’s in India

Ricky Ponting - seemingly unaffected by puri bhajiThe thing people often fail to understand about batting averages is that they only describe what’s already happened. Ricky Ponting’s average in India was famously bad, but yet he hit a hundred. That’s the thing about historical precedents – they only tell you about the past.

The Australians came up with some innovative tactics to help address Ponting’s record. He’s previously been vulnerable to Harbhajan’s spin early in his innings, so the Aussies hit upon the idea of having Matthew Hayden get himself out to the third ball of the day. Ponting was thus ensured a few overs of pace bowling and could therefore play himself in. It worked a treat.

Rumours that coach, Tim Nielsen, has given Ponting a voucher allowing the latter an hour’s one-on-one time with Pat Farhart as a reward for hitting a hundred are currently unsubstantiated.

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5 Appeals

  1. The Punter looks, in your pic of him, as though he has just been through a particularly vigorous session with Farhart

  2. Either that or he’s got the wild shits.

  3. Maybe it’s both

  4. I am delighted to report that having searched for pics of Farhart – and found one when he was the attendant to Tremlett’s groin at Hampshire – that his appearance plainly decries the jiggerypokery that the King was (unconsciously I am sure) inferring:


  5. Farhat might be ‘nursing’ Haydens bruised ego. Punter get in line !

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