Magazine aimed specifically at Michael Clarke’s Australia team launched

Asked about ‘the line‘ earlier this month, Michael Clarke responded: “I probably say this every series but we respect there’s a line you can’t cross. Both teams might head-butt that line, but I’m confident we won’t overstep the mark.”

Everyone knows that Clarke would never breach a line, which is why he would doubtless appreciate a year’s subscription to Colour Calm magazine.

With over a hundred pages of ‘relaxing art therapy’ for adults who enjoy colouring-in, it should keep him busy for all that extra free time he’ll gain when his superannuated side loses each Test inside three days.

An online version of the mag – – is on the cards for those who prefer to use a computer for their pastime.

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6 Appeals

  1. And there was me expecting some reference to The Oldie or People’s Friend …

  2. Quietly hoping that SMarsh and The Artful Rogers hogging all the warm-up time will mean that Stevie Smith is drastically short on match practice.

  3. Lol. And how does one headbutt a line, exactly?

    Back from hols and I see that England have won three limited-overs games, Somerset have won three matches, England’s women have won three matches in a global competition in the other sport, and only the men let me down with just one win from the one match played. Not a bad haul, I’m claiming that. Also feeling suitably calmer about the whole D/L fiasco as it seems we got one in our favour. 🙂

    • Also, I’m pleased to confirm there is definitely no cricket of a sporting variety in Croatia – absolute feline-esque indifference. Only crickets of a chirruping variety, and hunners of ’em at that. Big ones too – many of a decidedly regal scale.

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