Momentum in cricket

Chris Gayle knows how important momentum is in cricket:

“After the first game, we picked up that momentum but after that disaster at the Sir Viv Stadium and the change of venue, it kind of put us on the back foot.”

He also seems to know how quickly you can gain momentum and lose momentum.

The whole idea about momentum is that it drags you through the tough times. If you gain momentum and lose momentum this easily, it’s not really momentum at all, is it? It’s just ‘what happened in the last game’.

This is pretty much what momentum means in cricket these days. Don’t credit players with a deep philosophy about the game when they spout the word. They’re just reciting it mindlessly like parrots.

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7 Appeals

  1. It’s all about the process.

  2. Momentum = Mass x Velocity

    So it would follow that Bermuda has the greatest momentum of any International cricket team

  3. Momentum: Punditry in Motion

  4. I thought he was talking about my estranged cousin, Mo Mentum.

    She’s the black sheep of The Atheist family. She has quite a demanding appetite. And once she’s settled into a comfortable position she absolutely refuses to move.

    Poor old Windies.

  5. I look forward to the day when cricketers use other aspects of engineering and physics in their statements:

    “Well David, yes, very much so. Test cricket is all about entropy. They have the entropy at the moment, and we’ll be looking to use that entropy against them tomorrow. We know we’ve had a bit of an adiabatic performance in the field today, and that they’ll be looking to maintain isentropy, but we feel that we have the hysteresis to stop that.

    We’ll be putting in 100%, David, because any more than that is strictly impossible.”

  6. How much momentum do you need to build up before you can turn a corner?

  7. West Indians talking about momentum … good joke

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