Nottinghamshire are feisty

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Six wickets down in their second innings and Nottinghamshire still had fewer runs than Yorkshire. Steven Mullaney then made 83 and Chris Read 86. The latter was also the score which Yorkshire would then make for the loss of all ten wickets. Nottinghamshire won by 58 runs.

We met Steven Mullaney’s mum at Old Trafford a few years ago. She was very, very keen on talking about how Steven was a Lancashire player. We didn’t really have anything to say in reply, so it was one of those self-perpetuating awkward conversations where every silence is filled by the same topic.

It was like being the mute passenger in a car travelling down an incredibly long cul de sac. You’re hoping that you’ll come to a junction at some point, so that you can suggest turning off, but you know that opportunity will never present itself.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I was also present on that occasion and didn’t find it awkward at all. Just a proud mum talking about her son’s success.

  2. Daisy and I are off to see my mum in a minute.

    No doubt Daisy will recognise in your feature one of the main topics of conversation in store for this evening.

    I don’t find my success and my mum’s pride in it that silly a subject – indeed my mum could focus her attention on that topic more often IMHO. Rather than my wild hair plus Daisy’s and my flagrant disregard for the institution of marriage, for example.

    1. Potentially relationship-breaking absence of a comma after the word hair in my posting there, thesaurusrus – good spot.

      Mind you, my mum always does go on about not liking Daisy’s hair which does tend to drive Miss Daisy wild…

      …but I digress…

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