Lasith Malinga’s knee injury

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Lasith Malinga punches himself in the back of the head

Lasith Malinga’s knee injury is just about bad enough that he can’t play Tests and just about good enough that he can play one-day internationals and the IPL.

Sri Lanka feel that this financially lucrative degree of pain could be sorted with some rehabilitative work back home and has therefore instructed him to leave the IPL.

We have a work-induced hand injury that means we’re just about capable of drinking tea but incapable of doing any actual work. We’re hoping we get sent home a bit later on.


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  1. Stinging criticism of one of cricket’s charming characters. Dislike.

    There are enough people out there blaming the players for trying to make more money, KC. Don’t join the league. Come on, in all probability, you typed this on a mac or windows that pays workers in China substandard wages so their fat executives can grow richer.

    1. The first paragraph is Malinga’s opinion. The second paragraph is Sri Lanka’s opinion. The third paragraph is our opinion.

      We don’t and can’t know the facts, so we’re not passing judgement either way.

    2. I have no facts, but I’m passing judgement: He is an injury faking, money grabbing, stupid hair-cutted, chucking git who is systematically trying to ruin test cricket.

    3. My 6 year old niece was sat down with my brother-in-law watching an ipl game the other day with Malinga bowling. “Daddy, he’s cheating.”


    4. Hate to break it to you Dandy Dan but your daughter’s an idiot… it’s not her fault though, blame poor genes

  2. It’s mumbai we are talking about. We don’t even know how much he’s been paid for retainment.

  3. How exactly is Malinga cheating?

    Anyway he never played too many tests even before IPL came around so don’t expect him to start doing it now…

    1. He cheats by getting wickets because the batsmen can’t see the ball out of the umpires hat. There was a statical analysis a couple of months that showed that Malinga’s average goes up by almost 10 runs when the umpire wears a cap instead of a hat.

    2. Ah yes, here we are, Law 24.1 (b):

      Underarm bowling shall not be permitted except by special agreement before the match. The height of the bowler’s underarm (expressed in decichains) shall be determined by the following formula:

      H = 2 + ((PaF * UHS) + FSh / 1.3)

      PaF = Panama Correction Factor
      USH = Umpire Head Size
      FSh = Forehead Shininess (measured using the Vickery Glare scale)

      If the umpire is wearing a sowester a stepladder shall be provided for bowlers measuring less than 0.8 Standard Lillees from fetlock to instep.

      He’s clearly cheating, then.

    3. Was a similar statistical analysis done for right handers vs left handers, more specifically over the wicket to right handers to around the wicket for left handers ?

  4. Tea Lady has a work-induced injury, just about capable of making tea but incapable of serving it to a gathering of at most 24, 60 if stretched. Does not want to travel to any event where working on consecutive days will be required. Less money on offer did not influence this decision.

  5. Punching yourself like that must put incredible strain on the knees.

    Is he sure he has a degenerative knee condition and not simply that well known type of temporary knee problem people get from self-abuse of the head-punching kind?

  6. I see he has retired now, I don’t see how they can prove how bad his knee really is.

    There is obviously an injury there, but how bad is it and how can it be proved that playing tests will make it worse than playing limited overs?

    Apart from the obvious difference in the amount of overs he would need to bowl.

    Either way, it’s probably just a matter of whether the selctors believe him or not.

    The fact that he hasn’t played many tests, even before the IPL came along, suggests the selectors were happy to go along with it.

    It will be interesting to see if they accept his decision or not, if they don’t then maybe they might boot him out of the limited overs teams.

  7. It’d be like Australia losing Symonds. You can not just boot one of your most important players no matter irritable they get.

  8. Infact it is matter of money now, in near future we will find more players who will be fit for IPL and unfit for their international teams. The excuse of two matches drop make Chris Gayle to join IPL. So as Pollard happy in IPL. Other Sri Lankan players are also happy on playing in IPL despite playing a warm-up match in England. IPL has given authority to players to dictate their boards. If boards are not acting like papets on the directions of players, they will join IPL as option.

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