What happened in Yorkshire?

Rich Pyrah, first-class bowling average of 48, goes for a run-a-ball against the champions but picks up a wicket every other over. This is one of those where the scorecard doesn’t really tell you the story.

Having read some match reports, they don’t particularly tell us the story either, so we’re going to make up our own. The story goes as follows.

Rich Pyrah couldn’t remember if he was left- or right-handed. Having bowled eight overs of abject filth left-handed, he remembered he was actually right-handed and switched over.

As he was now bowling from the other side of the wicket, the batsman had a slightly different view and it suddenly became apparent that there was a man who looked undead sitting behind the bowler’s arm. Five batsmen felt disconcerted by this and lost their wickets as a result of the distraction.

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  1. You seem to be implying that Pyro’s average of 48 somehow means that he perhaps isn’t the quality of bowler to take a 5-for against the champions.

    If only he were an Australian spinner, he’d have played at least a couple of Tests by now.

  2. Cricinfo’s headlines focus on the Sidebottom 5 rather than the Pyrah 4.

    But surely the bigger story is the existence of a Yorkshire bowler named OJ Hannon-Dalby – from Halifax no less.

    Since when did they have fancy posh names like that in Halifax?

    • I meant, of course, “the Sidebottom 4 rather than the Pyrah 5”.

      But my main point about the juicy double-barrelled name still stands.

    • Wouldn’t it be great if he were Orenthal James Hannon-Dalby

  3. I have it on good authority that Hannon-Dalby is in fact none other than OJ Simpson. He’s on witness protection you see. New name and that. And the best way to keep him out of the public eye and ensure he’s rarely ever seen by anyone ever? County Championship in April. Job done.

  4. Oliver Hannon-Dalby fact: He has the most tactful twitter feed in world cricket.


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