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Take a look at these two people:

One of these men is 'white'

In the West, having tanned skin is a sign of wealth. In India, having pale skin is a sign of wealth.

Many Westerners use sun cream so they can be in the sun for longer or smear themselves in fake tan. Many Indians hide from the sun and may even use not-at-all-scary-sounding skin bleaching products or lightening creams, like this one advertised by Shah Rukh Khan.

Everyone wants to be someone else, except for the marketing executives (particularly those who have persuaded people that the way to get a tan is with sunblock protecting your skin).

So is this the story behind Shane Warne’s face? No, we believe it’s more to do with Barista’s sponsorship of the Rajasthan Royals.

Barista are selling Royals-themed coffees during the IPL and in return, Warne will be sporting a face the colour of their Espresso Italiano.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


Why risk it when it's so easy to sign up?


  1. It used to be so here too. In ye olden days, tanned skin implied you worked in the fields and were therefore a peasant, whereas pale skin implied you owned peasants who worked in the fields for you. And being slim implied that you had only eaten one rancid carrot in the last week, whereas being fat implied you had eaten several scrawny peasants just for breakfast. It’s all gone topsy-turvy since then, probably due to a lack of peasants. I don’t know about you, but I can’t find a decent peasant to tend my estates for me anywhere.

    So it’s either Pale-and-Fat or Tanned-and-Thin. Warne appears to have got these mixed up.

  2. Australia is not “west”. Not west of India anyway. It is east of India. But it must be west of somewhere. But where? Oh, only everywhere. I just need to look to my left from Delhi, through Europe, going around some oceans, and Australia is to my west. That’s probably what you mean. Maybe.

    In other news, there is an Indian restaurant in Ottawa called “East India Company”.

  3. Is that Kumble’s new hairstyle or are we back in 1988?

    Based on recent evidence from Lasith Malinga, Imran Tahir and Zaheer Khan, this can only be good for his wicket-taking abilities.

  4. I just saw a shocking print ad for Skin lightening creme just done now in April 2011 by the big movie star Shah Rukh Khan. You can see this image at
    where this actor is much, much lighter than he normally is (or I should say used to be). He’s really darker skinned than President Obama but in this photo he’s pasty white. The text on the photo for Fair and Handsome showing SRK says he himself uses this product and they have that in quotes signed Shahrukh Khan.

  5. The only people that should be that colour are bodybuilders on stage. Or people staffing perfume counters.

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