Rangana Herath is embraced by a grateful planet

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You’ve got to hand it to us, we can call matches incorrectly with the worst of them. Almost as if they were goaded into it, Sri Lanka have done everything in their power to make our assessment of them the day before yesterday seem almost criminally inaccurate.

We called them insipid. They recovered from being five wickets down in their second innings and still near enough 100 behind to set India 176 to win. The turnaround began at almost exactly the moment we accused them of ’embarking on a second round of divdom’.

We said that Rangana Herath appeared to have lost the ability to take wickets and lead the attack. He has just taken 7-48 to bowl India out for 112 to win the Test.

The murderous capybara is back and we can again comfort ourselves with the thought that Planet Earth wouldn’t have to consider selecting Nathan Lyon – which is just as well as with his misshapen Mekon head, he’s clearly a Treen sleeper agent.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. This match adds yet another page to the big book of “India Are Really Awful Tourists”. In terms of misery dole out, we’re talking the full stag-do to Riga levels.

    1. Hang about, google maps shows there’s only a couple of millimetres of water between India and Sri Lanka which could be easily crossed by laying a handful of stepping stones.

      India cannot hide behind the “Touring Defence” any more than England and Scotland could when playing one another in the forthcoming world cup qualifiers.

  2. The cricinfo scorecard has a little link to watch a video of each wicket fall. Truly the future is now. Unless this has been going on for a while, in which case the present is now.

    1. The present is an infinitesimal illusion, the past is nothing but the vague interpretation of memory, the future nothing but the aggregate of our hopes and fears.

      What Rangana Herath did, what he is doing, and what he will do, are accordingly ephemeral. It’s not like he’s Ian Austin or anything.

  3. Does this mean that our very own Dandy Dan is…

    …the one, the only…

    …pilot of the future?

  4. I would open with Amla and Ali because they both have 10″ chins with black stubble. Shane Warne’s head is so big he would have to be in there

  5. Thinking ahead, by which I mean looking at the list of U19 players who are about to play today, rather than knuckling down to my work…

    …this young Aussie cannot possibly be sporting his real tash and/or barnet in this picture. Not on this planet:


    In any case, we all know that Saffers are named Jonte, Aussies are not. This must be yet another case of interplanetary infiltration.

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