So Kumar Sangakkara’s in form then (and not even put off by snapping his bat in half)

Kumar Sangakkara’s last five County Championship innings have been 136, 105, 114, 120 and 200.

Today’s double hundred came in a team total of just 369.

And he wasn’t even put off by snapping his bat in half.

It’s hard to avoid the sense that he’s playing completely the wrong standard of cricket.

We know it’s only mid-season and there are plenty of matches to come, but form like this demands only one thing: that Kumar Sangakkara’s dad get him a Transformer as a reward.

But will he get him one? We doubt it.

Kshema Sangakkara described his son’s four hundreds in four matches at the World Cup as “a good achievement” and went on to outline the yardstick against which he is measured.

“For me, Don Bradman was the ultimate batsman. He scored a century once in every three innings. If you truly consider yourself to be a world-class batsman, you should be able to do that. Kumar did well, don’t get me wrong. But did he achieve his true potential? I don’t think so.”

Tough crowd.

But on the off chance that Kshema’s softening in the twilight days of his son’s playing career, we’re going to recommend that he invest in Ultramagnus as a gift for him.

In vehicle form, Ultramagnus is capable of carrying his mates, so he seems an appropriate choice.

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16 Appeals

  1. I particularly like how only two others got into double-figures. Even extras only got two. Nice piece of scoreboard distortion there.

  2. If we’re talking about outrageous cricketers

    ‘He has now taken five wickets on 16 occasions in first-class cricket, all of them since celebrating his 35th birthday.’

    Can someone please explain Darren Stevens?

    • Darren Stevens reminds me bigly of England one-capper John Stephenson, who was a batsman and part-time bowler brought in at the end of his career to coach Essex’s Second XI, whereupon he mysteriously metamorphosed into the first team’s leading bowler.


      • John Stephenson is the head of cricket at the MCC – or more accurately in MCC language “Assistant Secretary (Cricket)”. I see rather a lot of him at Lord’s.

        He’s a very nice chap.

      • King Cricket

        May 28, 2017 at 8:43 am

        Can’t decide whether we’d refer to 2002 as “a couple of years ago” or “the other day”.

  3. South Africa choked?

  4. In other news…

    …how on earth to the Saffers manage to choke that match yesterday?

    If you are interested, I describe the rather quirky/eventful manner in which Daisy and I followed the denouement of yesterday’s match at the start of the following Ogblog piece:

  5. Kumar Sangakkara’s dad is how all Asian dad’s are.

    • The 2016 estimate for the population of Asia is 4.436 Billion people, of whom well north of a billion people must be Asian dads.

      I’d have thought that size of cohort leaves room for some slight variations in character.

      Yet, I know exactly what you mean, AKS.

  6. I was inspired by the piece on cricket apps to go and have a look at the BBC cricket website to see if the scorecards were worth looking at. My criterion is how close they get to Wisden, it actually wasn’t too bad.. The interesting topic was initials. They had them in the team lists but not next to the names in the actual scorecard. This led to some interesting chicanery vis a vis Mr AB (C denied) De Villiers. When batting he is just de Villiers, but on the team list, and given that he is captain, and FURTHER GIVEN BBC’s eccentric use of (c) to denote captain instead of ‘*’ or that funny plus sign which is longer at the bottom, he languishes in style as ‘AB de Villiers (c)’. Now, how to rework that ‘C’ into the middle of his name, start on the F, etc

  7. By the way, you could tell that the cretins who wrote articles for the BBC website hadn’t played cricket in their lives, or done anything more than watch it on the television for the last year or two. The rot started when they put ‘Radio 5 live’ fools on TMS in the mid 90s, and it has been all downhill since there. Ok, I didn’t expect witticisms from CMJ from beyond the grave, but it was disheartening

  8. Sanga’s back. I bet it hurts.

  9. For those who like lapine match reports, here is a link to and translation of a Hippity job. This one from the tail end of what might have been Middlesex’s worst season ever: 2009.

  10. …and for those who prefer slightly more sane accounts and international cricket, here’s one linking to a memorable day at Uxbridge in 2008 observing the visiting Saffers ahead of the wonderful test series that year:

  11. Sanga might have scored a double, but is that really better than a TGNW 50?

    • King Cricket

      May 29, 2017 at 1:07 pm

      No, of course not.

      No-one would even suggest that were the case.

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