Swalec Stadium to host Ashes Test

The Npower Test from The Swalec Stadium in conjunction with PowergenThe Swalec Stadium is going to host the first Ashes Test, but don’t worry, Lord’s and The Oval have still got their Tests and that’s the main thing.

Actually, Edgbaston and Headingley have still got theirs as well. There hasn’t been a change in venue for the Ashes Tests at all – just a change in name. Sophia Gardens is now known as The Swalec Stadium in honour of everyone’s favourite utilities company.

Old Trafford losing its Ashes Test to Sophia Gardens was one thing, but to The Swalec Stadium? Come 2009, we’re going to cover the Swalec Test in a Bangladesh Under-19s kind of a way rather than an Ashes kind of a way.

That’ll show the ECB. They’ll be begging for mercy by the time England follow-on.

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4 Appeals

  1. That really does deserve the silent boo.

    Swalec, what a lot of shite.

    All together now…..

    Glad I’ve still got my two down in London Town, and we’ll get them down at Essex for a two day match,

    It’s grim oop north

  2. I liked Sophia Gardens, gave the game a dainty feel.

    They should give the Test back to Old Trafford so the poor over worked players can have a few days off as the game is rained off. Alternatively give it to Worcestershire and they can all go for a swim instead.

  3. King Cricket

    March 11, 2008 at 11:32 am

    The campaign to have Old Trafford renamed ‘The Vertex Cricket Hole’ starts here.

  4. Apart from the name change the Swalec Stadium is a wicked venue to host a test match!

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