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England have long been on the lookout for someone who might one day fill the gigantic, timeless boots of Ben Stokes. Ever since the combative all-rounder suffered a knee injury in May 2016, they have yearned for a frontline bowler who can also play memorable major innings.

In many ways, it is an impossible quest and player after player has buckled after being unfairly labelled ‘the next Ben Stokes’. Chris Woakes is the latest to attract that unwanted description, but in the first one-day international against Sri Lanka, he gave further evidence of the quality we saw in the preceding Tests.

He may never become the next Ben Stokes – not least because he’s older than him – but maybe the public can one day come to warm to him as the first Chris Woakes.

The match was tied. It was tied because Liam Plunkett mullered a six off the final ball. Liam Plunkett was able to tie the game because Chris Woakes had made a frantic three of the penultimate ball. Woakes set himself up for that vital three with another 92 runs before that.

It’s not often your number eight top scores with 95 not out. Good knock, Woakes-o.



Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. “…player after player has buckled after being unfairly labelled ‘the next Ben Stokes’.”

    Was going to be pedantic about this, but didn’t somebody stupidly call Ben Stokes “the next Ben Stokes”? Indeed, didn’t you type a post about it, that I can’t be bothered to find?

    So technically, player (Woakes, here) after player (Stokes, that someone) has indeed been called “the next Ben Stokes”. We can always rely on you for technical accuracy KC. Top technically accurate work.

    1. …oh wait. Has Woakes buckled after receiving this designation?

      Please tell me he has. That post is three minutes of my life I won’t get back. At least tell me I’m technically accurate when I say that KC’s technically accurate.

  2. Hope Bert stayed for the end of this one, and didn’t have to get changed to get ready for bed.

      1. I did enjoy that thread. Mike’s comment that it was “Time for certain members of the touring party to stand up and be counted” is the best streaker-related joke I’ve ever seen, and that’s a topic ripe for humour.

  3. Woakes-o is a pathetic nickname for Chris Woakes.

    Worse even than Stokesy for Ben Stokes.

    You’re probably the sort of writer who would nickname an ambidextrous player “lefty-righty” or some such, King Crickety.

  4. I did indeed stay for the end of this one. And now I am back in my hotel room, in bed, appropriately “dressed”.

    I sent two text messages after the final shot. The first, to my wife, said “Wow!” The second, to my Aussie pal, said “Fucking hell!”. I stand by both comments.

    1. Is declaring X the new Y rather than rhetorically wondering whether X is the new Y the New Betteridge’s Law of Headlines?

  5. Woakes-o won’t get the credit he deserves.

    If Stokes-o had played that innings, he would be Sir Stokes-o by now.

    Batted, Woakes-o. Looks like Warwickshire are going to need reinforcements.

    1. Is Stokes THAT much better than Woakes? Have sort of been wondering this ever since Woakes was dumped for Stokes after the 2013 Ashes for no obvious reason.

      Think that if they both played 50 Test matches, they would have similar stats. The difference would be Stokes would win 10 of them on his own and do absolutely nothing in the other 40, while Woakes would contribute in 40 while maybe be amazing in one of those.

  6. Just realised that we’re all missing the most important thing in all of this – it’s now nine-one to the Engerland! Ten points left to play for! Super Series glory tantalisingly close!

      1. Ben Stokes is the last Ben Stokes. As in – there will never be another, we shall never look upon his like again, etc etc. I see that Scott Borthwick’s shit again; who’s the next Scott Borthwick? Will it again become unofficial editorial policy to refer to him as Steve Borthwick?

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