Liam Plunkett’s going to be eating highly compacted food served in square plastic dishes

That’s our way of saying that Liam Plunkett’s flying from the Caribbean to Australia to maybe-or-maybe-not appear in a dead rubber for England before flying back again.

At least James Anderson had a new slavering bairn as a reason for racking up thousands of air miles. That’s a decent reason. ‘Maybe having to do some work but probably not having to do any work at all’ is not a good reason.

Liam Plunkett will have to wrestle with his conscience about eco-issues as well now.

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  1. In my experience, airline food tends to be served in oval dishes these days, occasionally in sort-of kidney shaped ones as well. But rarely if ever square. I don’t know how things are on the direct Carribean-Australia routes, though. It could be different, or possibly not. I guess we’ll never know.

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