Umesh Yadav’s bowling speed

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Umesh Yadav is congratulated by his team mates after bowling a cracking dot ball

Umesh Yadav just bowled a 90mph delivery. By this time next year, he should have reined that in and India can expect to have another solid medium-pacer available to them.

Yadav has much to learn. If he thinks he should be striving for the kind of delivery that he bowled in the middle of his first over, where a full length ball lifted and beat the outside edge of Bopara’s bat, he can think again. He conceded 12 runs in the other five balls and was immediately hauled off.

Rein it in, Yadav. Rein it in. Spend a bit of time studying footage of Ian Austin. That’s the template.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Dhoni seems to be congratulating the bowler rather stiffly. Another fellow who thinks this is all a little too formal stands away, smiling an indulging smile with his hands tied behind his back. Raina, Kohli, and some other dude seem to say “Damn this, we are going to play the human train and tickle the bowler as we move past him”.

    The players don’t seem to be taking this ODI stuff too seriously.

  2. I think all the other Indian bowlers sort the real quicks out with some ‘tough love’. They threaten the new lad with specialist coaching from Greg Chappell. Must be something that makes them fade so fast.

  3. Why do England’s batsmen still have a habit of getting in, making 35 off 40 balls, then getting out before they do the acceleration bit (Ie ending up with 65 off 50 balls)?

    1. As in:

      Well the batsman is in now and looking good, he’s got enough runs, the team has enough runs but we need to push forward, so we need him to take a bit of a risk here, and if he gets out it won’t matter all that much because we’ve got a few wickets in hand, and… HE’S GOT OUT! THE STUPID ARSE! WHAT WAS HE THINKING? JUST WHEN HE WAS SET AND READY TO PUSH ON, HE PUSHED ON AND GOT OUT, JUST WHEN HE WAS SET AND READY! NOW WE’VE LOST THE MATCH FOR SURE.

      Put it in Boycott’s voice for added effect.

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