Virat Kohli should be in India’s Test team

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Rob Key says that even Suresh Raina must wonder how he gets picked ahead of Virat Kohli. It’s not just because we mindlessly go along with everything Rob says like a mindless yes-man that we agree with him on this occasion.

There’s been a change in Kohli. He’s always looked good, but he’s been too eye-catching at times. Sometimes it was like winning a game wouldn’t be enough, he’d have to do it with spectacular sixes. Now he rattles along at a cracking pace without feeling the need to clear the ropes.

He’s solid. He seems to be happy to be second-best in partnerships, which bizarrely makes him a better batsman. Not that he was second-best today. It may only have been England in a one-day match in India, but he did the job, braving mediocre bowling and a little bit of knob-headery from some tetchy England players to register his seventh one-day international hundred.

As for England, their defeats have quickly become all too predictable. Here’s hoping for some England losses with a few more twists and turns in them. Come on boys, keep us guessing about precisely how you’re going to acquiesce to defeat.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. He can be flippant at times and that has hurt him. If he fails to make this his moment, he’ll have lost another year of Test cricket.

    1. You are SO right, Sam. I think we need a Review, like the Schofield Review. In fact, I don’t know why we waited till losing the second ODI before having a review – there was all of yesterday that was wasted. If there’s one thing the ECB should know how to do by now, it is organising a review. Name the committee over breakfast, terms of reference by nine-thirty, preliminary submission at quarter to two, and the final report with twenty-six recommendations by half five. That way the stakeholders in English cricket can have the evening to digest the review and implement the required changes by the morning.

      Just imagine – there’s no way we’d have lost today if a third division had been introduced into county cricket overnight.

  2. Well Virat certainly does deserve to be in the Test Squad and has been included before. Although he wouldn’t replace Raina. I think Pujara would certainly replace Raina for that number 6 slot simply because his technique seems quite solid for that position. India were unfortunate not to have his services for the England series but once he is fit again I’m sure he will get his place in the line up. Either way Raina will surely have to let go of his place in the longest format of the game.

  3. Oh, so now that England is No. 1 in tests, you think you can comment on the composition of other test teams? Really? That’s how cocky the rankings have made you, KC? Huh? HUH? Never mind if you have written articles like this one before. IT IS THIS ONE THAT COUNTS.


    1. Up until now, we thought it would be cool to be Michael Vaughan or Nasser Hussain, but now we see the reality of it.

  4. Yes, u r correct, Virat needs to be in the test team. Laxman needs to be dropped. Time to let the old guard go.

  5. Perhaps we should entertain the possibility that the complete absence of 50 over cricket from the county game might just have a detrimental impact on England’s ability to play 50 over cricket, however good England might now be at other formats.

    Also the complete absence of subcontinental conditions in the county game.


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