Video: Virat Kohli dropped off Mohammad Amir… Virat Kohli caught off Mohammad Amir

Virat Kohli makes the least of his reprieve off Mohammad Amir (via ICC)

Pakistan often lunge enthusiastically towards the ridiculous in the firm knowledge that this is their best hope of rebounding to sublime cricket – but even for them this moment was something else.

There is a strong argument that Virat Kohli is the finest one-day batsman there’s ever been. He is not a man you can afford to drop in the final of the Champions Trophy.

Oh no, turns out you can.

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15 Appeals

  1. Great stuff – it sort-of sums up Pakistan’s tournament – indeed possibly the team’s entire ethos, in two balls.

    In the world of Cricket Badger cricketer’s spotted, I experienced the antithesis of a cricketer spotted on Thursday (i.e. a non-cricketer spotted in a cricket place):

    …followed by a genuine “cricketer spotted” (gold standard) the very next morning. Aficionados of Cricket Badger and King Cricket will need to be patient for that one; I could barely contain my excitement on Friday I can tell you.

    • I’ve got a cricketer non-story from last week end:

      I was at the coconut shie at the village fete, killing time between the dog show and bonny baby completion. A tall man with long limbs rocked up and handed over his 50p.
      He threw the first ball so hard it nearly cracked the coconut.
      “Well done” said the coconut man.
      “Hmm, *I used to do this for a living*”, smugged the tall man (the “Hmm” was a little laugh thing).
      “Well it’s maximum 1 coconut per go” Replied the coconut man nervously.
      The tall man missed his next three goes.
      What other profession would throw balls for a living? This must be a cricketer, yes? I followed him around for a little while after that so I could get his name, so I could send the story to the Badger. But no joy.

      • King Cricket

        June 19, 2017 at 12:43 pm

        We took that more literally, that he was a former professional coconut shier.

      • Hit one, missed three. With that sort of accuracy, I think we can safely conclude that it was Mitchell Johnson.

  2. I should care about this, and normally would, but I’m just a little bit in shock, because there has been a daughter. Or maybe it’s sleep deprivation. It’s all a blur at the moment.

    And absolutely nothing to do with (let’s face it) a shock India defeat by Pakistan.

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