We’re a bit disappointed if we’re honest

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We honestly thought that someone would have left some sort of tirade in the comments section of our latest article for Cricinfo, but alas, it’s mostly just confusion. We demand a tirade!

Fortunately, on Twitter someone said: “hey u never always boss nd god sachin” which might be a tirade.

Someone else said: “who is alex bow nvr heard????” after earlier saying: “And wiz team better dan english team currently sure ne school cricket team of world…..haha”

We guess we’ll have to settle for that.



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  1. There is one comment saying, “Actually, a couple of guys are saying that Bell is indeed better than Tendulkar. Well, I’d say that you are like 14 years old who haven’t seen the Tendulkar phenomenon before 2002, and also, have very limited knowledge of cricket.”

    Not a tirade per se, but it does contain an age-related insult, and a choice use of “like”.

    1. Andy is dead right, KC. Get with the times. The T20 crowd that controls cricket in India these days has no time for tradition. Tendulkar who? – they would say. He’s yesterday’s egg, last year’s croissant, a faded memory living only in old people’s increasingly disturbed dreams. You might as well be insulting The Nawab of Pataudi. No, your next comment trolling headline needs to be:

      KK Nair doesn’t massacre Pepsi Max sixers as far into the stands as Ian Bell, here, on a Wednesday.

    2. Or “KP vs Giles/Downton”.
      This headline will be a hit for few more months at least.

    3. This brings up an interesting question: if retired cricketers were food, what would they be?

      KP would probably be guacamole, delighting everyone one instance followed by incessant complaints ten minutes later about how it is too uppity to go with the rest of the burrito. Salsa would complain that the guac thinks he is the main ingredient while the rice and beans making up the middle order typically would not have any comments. Hearing both sides, Chipotle banishes avocados from its kitchen.

    4. Ok, you asked for it.

      Alec Stew-art
      Ronnie Biryani
      Andrew Spotted (Cad)dick
      Sandwich Manjrekar
      Damien Martin of Beans
      Mark Pielott
      Rich Tea Richardson
      Beef Arthurton

    5. A classic comment from Bert, here on King Cricket, on a Wednesday! It’s all over, baby! That one is out of here!

    6. That was… prophetic, Bert. Apparently it punched a hole in a chair as well.

    7. You’re all quite right about the headline. It lacked subtlety and we knew it. We were pressed for time and, if we’re honest, we’re a little disappointed in ourself.

  2. You should have tried a more contentious headline.

    I guess everyone now accepts that Ian Bell is a cricketing god incarnate. Tendulkar….meh.

  3. I actually skipped the original article in Cricinfo thinking “here we go again with the Tendulkar bashing – try something new please!”.

    I’m glad I got around to it through this blog. I will never again ignore an article based on it’s headline.. NEVER!

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