Didn’t see this one either

Which is a shame, because it looked rather fun.

You may have noticed that some of our updates have been a little half-arsed cursory of late. However, you don’t get to be King Cricket without coming up with some really rather ingenious ways round being completely uninformed about things. Fortunately for you, we’ve already put one of these ploys to use and so you probably won’t even notice that we’re not really doing any kind of a job here.

So that you could still get top-notch cricket coverage here at your ninth-favourite cricket website, we asked our mate who doesn’t even like cricket what happened in the cricket.

He said something like:

“We were shallot on Sunday at Chester le Street and livid about that so were intent on proving ourselves today. I don’t know what the fungi happened. Load of knobs pissing about in the rain and nobody watching as far as I can tell.”

Take THAT, Cricinfo!

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12 Appeals

  1. From heroes to zeros and back to heroes.


    Ian Bell made Sachin Tendulkar look very ordinary today.

  2. Momentum.

    Simple harmonic momentum.

  3. haha, i’m angling towards bert’s view on this one. eng to be 0 all out and the lankans will be allowed to win without facing a ball.

    aha, but then – what about after that? we could be in for some quality stuffings, one way or another

    (or not…)

  4. btw, i didn’t actually anything of the match except the scorecard. was the england bowling very good, or was the sri lankan batting just a pile of shite..?

  5. Anyway, I think you’re putting yourself down a bit by suggesting this is our ninth favourite cricket website.

    Crick And Watsons Double Helix
    Sarah Comma Canterbury
    Republique Cricket (for the latest news)
    Hing Cricket
    Ing Cricket
    Jing Cricket
    King Cricket

    Oh, it seems you’re right.

    • Where are all the internets? What’s that? Bert has won every one?

    • Have you been listening to Agnee recently, perchance? Don’t answer that. It actually means the opposite of what you think it means.

      Book-burning is a crime. Choose wisely.

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