Which England player would complete the most unexceptional Test batting line-up in history?

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Ben Foakes (via Sky Sports)

The most unexceptional Test batting line-up in history is within England’s grasp.

Over the last two years, plenty of people have averaged 30-odd for England, while only one, Ben Foakes, has averaged (very slightly) more. (Needless to say, quite a few players have also averaged less.)

We tried to work out whether England could pick an entire XI of players who have averaged 30-something in that period and whether that XI would have a balanced attack.

The answer is ‘nearly’.

You can and should read our workings-out over at Cricket 365.


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      1. Cricket captain 2018 has Bess and Tom Curran as unstoppable forces who take turns at number 1 in the rankings.

        In the basis of no evidence, cc 2019 revoked this.

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