Who is Ben Coad, Yorkshire’s new strike bowler?

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Earlier this week, Ben Coad was just some dude; some dude called Ben Coad; a young bowler whose Cricinfo profile page has him down as a ‘workhorse seamer’.

A couple of days into the county season and he’s Ben Coad, strike bowler.

He finished the first day with 5-18 off eight overs as Yorkshire’s wobbly start receded from memory in precisely the way things rapidly recede from memory in this day and age.

He continued, albeit slightly less spectacularly, on day two and finished with 6-37.

Coad is from the miniature city of Ripon and from what we’ve read seems disinclined to concede runs. The only other fact we’ve managed to glean is that his nickname is Coady – and quite frankly, we could have guessed that.

Suggested nicknames for Ben Coad:

  • Coad Breaker
  • Coad Red
  • Coadeine
  • Bar Coad
  • Coadependent Personality Disorder


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  1. At work we have a top notch computer programmer named Ben.

    I guess now we’ll have to nickname him Ben Code.

  2. In other news, I don’t like cricket anymore.

    Oh my Andy Moles and Tim Munton long ago.

    1. It was a nicely symmetrical innings though, bookended by 30 stands. With such aesthetic beauty, I think it’s a little churlish to complain about it. I mean, surely you’re not so vulgar as to revel only in mere sporting success?

      Also, Essex Essex you’re going down, Essex you’re going down. The Mighty Mighty Lancashire are grinding you into the dirt.

      1. Hey, at least Warwickshire started the season on zero poInts. Not a guarantee these days.

  3. Coad of Coad Hall out for 141

    Two ducks for the ‘People’s All-Rounder’ Brezzy Lad 😐

  4. Yorkshire snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory.

    Ben Coad returns to the seconds in disgrace.

  5. If Banger Trescothick gets stuck in to him I will be very disappointed not to see Coad in a Hole headlines.

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