Video: How Ben Coad takes his wickets

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The ECB doesn’t get everything right when it comes to social media. Earlier this week, they captioned an Alastair Cook highlights reel “Terrific to watch!” which is palpably untrue.

But at least they do sneak out nice bite-sized chunks of County Championship footage these days.

Here’s Ben Coad taking ten wickets against Warwickshire last week. You can learn a surprisingly large amount about a player in 24 seconds.

We can also draw some conclusions about the nature of the County Championship compared to the IPL from this video.

In the Championship, the crucial action typically takes place behind the batsman, whereas in the IPL it is more common to see significant moments occur in front of him.

The IPL also has more cameras.

Other than that, everything’s exactly the same.

Exactly the same.


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  1. To quote a wise man:

    “April is just about the worst time to judge a seamer though. It’s a little like judging an Olympic rifle competitor by how many barrel-fish they can shoot. Still, it’s all we’ve got to go off at the minute, so we might as well count the carcasses.”

    1. Learning, not judging.

      Very wise though, that quote. Going to have to go and find out to whom that wise owl was referring now.

  2. My eyes aren’t what they used to be, although I suppose in most ways they are exactly what they used to be. It’s not like I’ve had them replaced with a flower arrangement or anything. But based on what I saw, it would seem that Ben Coad gets his wickets by batsmen failing to pick the line of dead straight deliveries.

  3. They’ve only gone and done an IPL Twitter round-up! The nerve! They kick you out, then they go and do an inferior copy! Disgusting.

    1. We saw that yesterday. It is a similar vibe. Could take it as a compliment maybe.

      The only thing we’re slightly irritated about is that they stuck it on Twitter and Facebook. They seemed to stop doing that with ours a few months ago.

      1. Probably a bit harsh, Balladeer, but passing through Corby twice a week it strikes me as a town that’s helping out the police with its enquiries..

  4. This is the typical Englishman response to IPL – oh, all the action happens in front of the wicket blah blah blah. It’s really annoying when people don’t notice the number of top edges going directly over the keeper’s head for sixes and fours and make such atrocious allegations.

  5. Today looks a great day for batting in the County Championship Division 1, eh readers? (Ducks for Cover(ton))

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