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The dates are all mixed up now, so read chronologically it doesn’t make any sense. Then again, it never did. We’re pretty sure there’s some good stuff in there though. We challenge you to defy the disorder and find it.

Here are some monthly links. These pages will contain some of the posts that appeared in those months, but not all of it. This kind of chaos is precisely why we moved the site here.

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Cricket Sites

Cricket Web
Cric and Cric live cricket scores
Cricket Gaming
Test Match Sofa
SA Sports Coaching
The League Cricketers Association
LCA Cricket Coaching
Cricket Games
Sport Bullet

Cricket Blogs

Cricket = Action = Art
Cricket With Balls
Well pitched
Ducking Beamers
Sarah, Canterbury
Swanning About
Boundary Conditions
IPL Twenty20 Cricket Info
Cricket Gossips
The Wicket Post
A Straight Bat
The Cricket Nets

Non-cricket Sites

India Uncut
Science and Pies
Blue and Brown’s Film Reviews
Mp3 Wise Monkeys
Blood and Mud
Weak Holidays
Questing Vole

Royal Highlights

Picture posts

Stanford 20/20 VIP party
Monty and Afridi’s Ashes prediction
First day of the cricket season: A photo journal
KP’s magic watch harnesses the power of the sun
Getting cricket scores in Italy
Cricket stock photography
Jaffa Cakes as sports snack – a shocking exposé
Lies about pictures
More lies about pictures

Regular sections

Match reports
More match reports
Animals being conspicuously indifferent about cricket – the first few
Some more animals being conspicuously indifferent to cricket
Holy Crap
Laurence Elderbrook

Looking forward

Ones To Watch 2008
Ones To Watch 2007
Ones To Watch 2006
King Cricket’s tips for the future


Rob Key
10 Great Innings
10 Great Bowling Performances
Batsmen and their signature shots
Brian Lara 501


Latest Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden
Matthew Hayden partially redeems himself
Matthew Hayden “interview”
Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist are OLD


Australian batting averages
King Cricket’s complex rating system explained
Great cricketers we have known
Lasith Malinga’s bowling action
Cricket Video Games
We still don’t play for England
What is cricket?

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