A cat moved from indifference by Toby Roland-Jones

Tom in Keynsham writes: “I know it’s not the usual thing, but it was noteworthy that our cat Olive took note of the cricket for the first time in her two-and-a-bit years on this planet during the emergence of Toe Roe-Joe.”

Don’t worry, we’ve already commended Tom on providing a photo that includes not just a cat and some cricket, but also Prosecco and a table saw.

If you’ve got a picture of an animal being conspicously indifferent to cricket, send it to king@kingcricket.co.uk.

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29 Appeals

  1. Toe Roe-Joe, huh?

  2. I’m confused. This isn’t indifference! It’s practically difference!

  3. I blame that bottle of prosecco.

    To-Ro-Jo + Pro-Sec-Co = No, No, No.

  4. Is it To-Ro-Jo or Toe Roe-Joe?

  5. Which planet was your cat previously on? Was it Meeowcury? Or maybe Jupurrter? Or was it Cat World Planet?

  6. So much else going on in this photo.
    Gorilla pod – 3-legs to represent the To-Ro-Jo moniker
    It appears to be dark – curtains closed during the daytime, or watching the hightlights late at night? Sitting in darkness, too hypnotised by the TRJ brilliance to get up and switch on a light? Or unwilling to disturb the different cat?
    What’s behing the vanity curtain top-left?
    Unfinished box of Christmas crackers left of Olive’s head?
    Shelving build around TV or TV selected to fit into gap?

    I need to know all of the above by COP today.

  7. I see we’ve been learning Judoon.


  8. If I’ve learnt one thing tonight it’s that Keynsham actually exists. I thought it was created by the Bonzo Dog Band.

  9. There’s a lot more than cricket in my latest Ogblog piece, but if you want to persevere with this serendipitous piece, there are smatterings of cricket throughout with a rather big wet bit at the end:


    • Crickey, I had to stop at the first pic. Who fitted out that room? Was an interior designer involved, or did they just employ the local ground worker?

      • Absolutely the former. It is a stunning-looking little hotel, it has just been allowed to get a bit tired; I suspect that it is no longer the owner’s pet project.

        We had stayed there a couple of times before. Indeed it was the location of the picture for one of my proudest moments: in which I (of all people) was given the Ceci treatment:


        Happy days…as long as you’ve got your ‘elf.

  10. Many valid queries, and I will reveal all by Cats of Preoccupation…

    • To add a little context, my wife and kids were away, so I was enjoying the evening highlights, as was Olive. I thought I should provide a digitally enhanced version of the scene:


      1) Trevisio Extra Dry (on special offer, £6.99).
      2) Sensible old-school pyjamas.
      3) Gorilla tripod, used half an hour earlier to begin watching the highlights in the bath.
      4) Creepy, foreboding drawing by my daughter (see close-up – https://www.screencast.com/t/ElS36duFk)
      5) Nail clippers – personal grooming inspired by England’s performance (Toe No Grow).
      6) Olive The Cat, conspicuously watching the cricket. She is a posh cat with a pedigree, and has relatives including her great-great-granddad – I kid you not – ‘Grand Champion Bonzer Warlord of Atlantis’.
      7) Energer 800w table saw, just in case.
      8) Wave pattern curtains, drawn because it was indeed the night time.
      9) Scaff plank shelving (built with a gap for the telly rather than built around it), which seemed like a good idea at the time but took bloody ages, and involved drilling a hole in the mains, which I wouldn’t recommend.

      I would now encourage others to send in pictures of their cricket viewing environments, accompanied by detailed analysis.

      • King Cricket

        August 2, 2017 at 11:04 am

        So would we!

        As PSs go, this is one of the finest. Probably outstrips the initial correspondence, in fact.

      • Awe-inspiring analysis. Thanks Tom.

        I just wonder how different the environment might be even the wife and kids are around.

      • …”when”, not “even”…curse the predictive thingie.

      • This is a quite magnificent, detailed response, Tom – chapeau, as they say around here. I will hopefully get around to watching the highlights shortly, complete with indifferent feline, and will encourage similar probing.

  11. Ged – the only significant difference would be the kids entertaining themselves with the table saw in the background while Daddy enjoyed the highlights/Prosecco…

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