Ajinkya Rahane’s overdue a proper mention

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For the second time this series, we find ourself looking for an old article of ours about an Indian batsman only to find that we never actually wrote it. As far back as 2012, we were casually referring to Ajinkya Rahane in a matter of fact way, as if you all already knew our opinion – yet we never seem to have actually stated it.

Maybe we just didn’t have much to say. Often we don’t. Nothing of interest anyway. Murali Vijay struck us as a good batsman who’d probably do well in Test cricket and Rahane creates a similar impression. Those aren’t really thoughts that warrant wider exposure.

We’ve always check Rahane’s scores, as if he’s one of ‘our players’, yet we seem to have neglected to claim him. It’s too late now. He’s scored runs in a Test in England. He’s common property.

Rahane’s actually only played one of his Tests at home and yet his record, at this early juncture, stacks up well. This hundred in particular was worth several scored at a typical subcontinental ground, such as Trent Bridge.

Obligatory comment on the absence of the decision review system

India don’t want it. It isn’t being used. There’s little point bleating on and on about it. It’s just tiresome for everyone. We’re therefore going to try and restrict ourself to this one comment on the matter.

We found a speck of dust on our floor after vacuuming yesterday morning, so we immediately smashed our hoover to pieces on the grounds that it wasn’t 100 per cent effective. From now on, we will use a handful of straw tied to a stick instead.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. As the only person to have echoed your sentiments on Rahane in that post, can I claim him instead? Or am I too doomed to Rahane relinquishment?

  2. Once again, I have hamstrung myself by putting Rahane in my All-Out Cricket team… as a nurdler. I guess rotating the strike’s out of the question when most of your fellow batsmen have the resilience of a shield made of moist kitchen towel.

    1. Better than I. I fear I am performing the equivalent of a captain following the ball, putting players in the game after their big scores.

      My next plan is to pick the players not scoring, on the supposition that they’re due a score.

  3. As an Indian fan, I have to disagree on the question of DRS, because I support England and they are a hateful teams. As such, one must support them and their viewpoint on DRS (namely that which is in harmony with the essence of the English team), because otherwise one hates oneself and perpetuate this situation thus self-consciously perpetuating the power of the world over those in the word, due to the sheer quantity of hate which they pour out upon those of the world, and due to the fact that to hate them or otherwise express a negative viewpoint about their Idea would be to partake of them and hence change nationality so instead one should simply support them fundamentally as some people had realized earlier in the century (in the South of England.) Sorry for any misspellings.

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