Mop-up of the day – a rush and a push and the land is ours

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Mop-up of the day was something that happened at our last office job. It involved new starters finishing each day in their first week talking with the girls in HR. The company didn’t tend to hang onto staff for more than a week or two, so mop-up of the day was a very regular thing. Most of us found the phrase funny without ever really bothering to establish quite why.

Anyway, this is of no real consequence. Mop-up of the day is just a phrase we thought we’d co-opt for when there are a few small issues that we can’t really be bothered writing more than a sentence about.

There may have been a push

Jimmy Anderson’s hands are alleged to have made contact with Ravindra Jadeja’s body. There’ll be a hearing. He might get a ban. Eight one-day internationals would be an excellent result in our eyes because he shouldn’t be wasting his time with those.

England have countered. According to the ICC:

“It is alleged that after the players left the public area and entered the pavilion, Jadeja turned suddenly and took steps towards Anderson in an aggressive and threatening manner.”

Or, for the purposes of our headline, ‘rushed’ at him.

These things always sound worse when code of conduct levels are being cited. We’d love to have seen what actually happened. But we didn’t, so we’ll never know and therefore don’t really have any sort of opinion on the matter.

There’s a Test going on in Sri Lanka

South Africa are there. Faf du Plessis is batting at three. Presumably because the new captain’s record in that position isn’t up to snuff. Quinton de Kock’s playing too.

Not quite a match report

Bert has produced a fantastic report, but due to a rather overt reference to cricket, we’ve had to publish it on our cycling site instead of here. Definitely worth a read though.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Bert, how could you? Overt references to cricket in a match report is a level three offence around here.

  2. Since this was in the context of a Tour De France report, perhaps the references were more maillot vert.

  3. And gary ballance likes going on the pi
    iss. Daily mail find it disgusting.

    1. Gary Ballance is my new favourite “English” cricketer. How can you not find getting piss drunk and removing your shirt at a bar endearing? And posing for pictures too.

  4. We Indians are a bit sensitive to English people pushing us around :p

    On a more serious note, I think the whole incident was stupid, and it should have been sorted out in-house. Both sides are at fault.

  5. I’ve got news. Michael Holding just declared (on air) “Ben Stokes is back”. Sure, it is not the same thing. But only a fool would hear that and still believe Holding doesn’t read this blog regularly.

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