Andrew Strauss and Paul Nixon execute worst ever high-five

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Worst high-five ever

Strauss has at least got the basics right, but he has neglected to correctly align himself with the recipient of the five.

Nixon, for his part, has fived himself in a last ditch attempt to salvage the five. His anguished expression betrays his true emotions however.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That is without doubt the worst high five, you are bang on…

    Surely not far behind, is poor old Mudhsuden Singh Panesar, who consistently misses high fives, and would probably have an average like The Don, if missed high fives were converted to runs!

  2. In this picture, and at that angle (and I cannot stress enough that it is ONLY in this picture and at that angle), Nixon reminds me of Tom Cruise.

  3. Miriam, why did you have to say that? You know that we’re all going to have to refer to Nixon as Tom Cruise from now on.

  4. Sorry Lemon Bella. This nickname will surely SURELY never stick, though. Unless Nixon spends the rest of his life positioning himself at this angle making that same face.

  5. There’s a bit of Gary Kirsten in Strauss there too… KC, your next post should be about how some cricketers look like others, kinda like the brothers separated at birth thing!

  6. Can’t think of a great many people who are less likely to fall into Scientology.

    Having said that, we can’t think of a great many people who are less likely to look like Tom Cruise, either.

  7. This reminds me of imaginary drinking…

    Strauss has a jeroboam of Cristal, shooting down his gullet, whilst Nixon is imbibing vast quantities of badger schnapps, being poured by an invisible Andrew Flintoff.

  8. Technically speaking the pair have made a right mess. I shall be writing to the ECB to encorage the introduction of a celebrations coach, properly qualified to at least Level 3 in high fives, fist pumping and jumping-whist-waving bat-over-head.

  9. Would you need to have a proven track record in mid-pitch glove-touching to be eligible for this role?

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