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This is cricket-related. Stick with it.

Supporting a football club is basically just supporting a business. It feels like supporting Sony or someone. However, we can still watch international football. We can still watch the World Cup.

On Saturday, we watched England’s footballers give a performance of such breathtaking ineptitude that the already foolish talk of winning the tournament should have immediately ceased.

Meanwhile, England are about to play five one-day internationals against Australia. England hold the Ashes and won the World Twenty20 earlier in the year. They’re not cricket’s equivalent of Brazil’s football team, but they’re a good side.

England will lose one of the Australia matches. We all know that. It will be on the news and when it’s reported, we just know that we’re going to hear someone say: “God, we’re shit at cricket,” at which point they’ll go back to talking about how if England’s shit footballers were played in a different formation, they’d miraculously stop being shit and would win the World Cup.

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17 Appeals

  1. …and at least we won’t have bloody moany moany moany Mick McCarthy commentating on the cricket

  2. ..and at least we won’t have bloody moany moany moany Mick McCarthy commentating on the matches

  3. Is there an echo in here?

  4. Didn’t you watch the game on Friday like everyone else? Or did you Sky/V+ it and watch it on Saturday?

  5. Is there an echo in here?

  6. King Cricket

    June 21, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Was the match shorter than 24 hours in duration then? It felt longer.

    Cricket’s boring? Get stuffed.

  7. I am a Wolves fan. And I won’t hear a bad word said against Mick Mccarthy.

    To make this appeal a bit more cricket, I’ve heard one time Wolves defender Lee Naylor was a regular in his local side, only for Wolves to ban him from playing as a precautionary measure in case he got injured.

    Wolves robbed the world of the greatest player from the West Midlands since Dean Headley. Probably.

  8. Mick Mcarthy is an awesome pundit as is the gweat Woy Hodgson

  9. ECHO Echo echo

  10. Why is a Chinese lady with one leg shorter than the other called Irene?

  11. Hi

    I work with the Barmy Army and saw your post, the English football team gave one shocking performance, However if you want some good news, The Barmy Army is giving away an all inclusive trip for two, to the fourth and fifth tests in Melbourne and Sydney to watch England (hopefully) retain the Ashes. – http://tiny.cc/ev7om

  12. Touche, Hayley, touche.

  13. As someone who formerly enjoyed football nearly as much as cricket (I said nearly!), this WC has crystalised the reasons why I have fallen out of love with the ‘People’s Game’. The England team are an absolute disgrace – passionless, lacking in quality and completely out of touch with their loyal fans. There is a warning there for cricket to take heed from http://thereversesweep.typepad.com/blog/2010/06/crickets-warning-from-football.html#tp

  14. Can anyone explain the offside rule in cricket? I’ve never understood it.

  15. It’s a leg side rule, also called an on-side rule. There are no rules on the off-side unless special rules apply

  16. Cricket doesn’t have Rules – it has Laws.

    I’ve heard several people say this, and it always sounded very deep. I have no idea what it means, though. Rules and Laws seem to be perfectly interchangeable words to me. Anyway, it’s worth saying, and I am now completing the effect by smiling knowingly, nodding slightly, and saying no more.

  17. I hang my head in shame, I may never post again. hoping no-one ever reads this.

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