Kevin Pietersen’s tough life

Kevin Pietersen is leaving Hampshire.

“Geographically, it just doesn’t work – I live in Chelsea.”

Our commute isn’t that bad, but unlike Pietersen we have to do it far more than once every two years.

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6 Appeals

  1. I was thinking exactly the same thing.

    ‘He lives in London and it’s 90mins away’

    Oh no.

  2. Whereas he can obviously just hop on the bus and be in Bangalore in 10 minutes

  3. Perhaps he should talk to Ricky.

  4. I’m relieved someone noticed this. I leave home at 06.50 every day to get to work for 09.00. Piss off, KP.

  5. You need to move to a new county.

  6. Bless him.

    Cricket would b a poorer place without him and his thorough going self-absorption.

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