England v India Oval tickets – competition result

We asked which player top-scored with 110 not out in the 2007 England v India Oval Test. The answer was Anil Kumble.

We didn’t do the names-in-a-carrier-bag draw in the end, because there were too many entries and we didn’t have enough ink.

We instead opted for the spreadsheet and random number generator approach and technology favoured Jill Russell.

Have fun, Jill. Kingfisher will be in touch.

Update: Kingfisher are giving away more tickets here. Presumably, for some of you, that page will be something other than one saying: ‘Hey, how come you don’t have a Facebook profile yet, you bloody-minded refusenik?’

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6 Appeals

  1. If only I’d entered, I might have won.

    I’d rather go watch England play England though. Shame they never do that.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t enter, I thought it was Sunil Gavaskar.

    I would have looked fairly stupid putting that answer down.

  3. Hail King and thank you. Does your random generator talk to Ernie by any happy chance?


    • King Cricket

      July 8, 2011 at 11:42 pm

      Ernie can count to about a billion. Our random number generator didn’t need to get anywhere near that far. Not sure they have much in common.

      To be honest, we’ve a faint suspicion that ours suffers all three major forms of retardation.

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