Gautam Gambhir wants rank turners in India

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Some people seem to think there’s a bit of “yeah, well, see how you like it,” about this. That’s understandable. Gambhir’s had a couple of bad tours, so you can’t really blame him. However, he’d do well to remember that home success doesn’t negate failure away from home. It only highlights it.

However, even if ‘wanting to get your own back’ isn’t the best reason for requesting rank turners for Tests in India, we still agree with what he’s saying. The home team should always be favourites in a Test series. That’s half the point.

Test tours are meant to be hard. That way, if a touring team has any success, everyone knows they’ve done something special. India’s win in England in 2007 relied on brilliant swing bowling, not spin, and was all the more admirable for that fact. England’s win in Australia last winter was built on ‘not being utterly outplayed’ and ‘not crying in a corner’ in sharp contrast to their usual approach to away Ashes series.

Rank turners in India will generally favour the home side, but such pitches would also make anything achieved by tourists more impressive than an accident claims lawyer overlooking a technicality in favour of common sense and conventional morality.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  2. ‘Nine investing mistakes you should avoid in 2011’ means that I, too, will never finish this piece.

  3. Gautam seems to have overlooked the fact that to exploit rank turners, you need talented spinners in your team. At least two of them.

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    P.s. seems like sour grapes to me. Sanjay Manjrekar called it right when he made a sarcastic comment about the 7 green tops they had faced so far…

  5. I think Mr Gambhir is also overlooking the fact that a ‘rank turner’ will almost inevitably offer some assistance to the quicker bowlers as well. If a pitch is breaking up and turning, it will also go off the seam, and provide variable bounce for the seamers.

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    1. It wasn’t – till you made it one. Repeatedly hammering certain ideas into people’s heads till they become conformists is a trait you share with Charles Manson.

  8. Oh goody, they’ll start preparing pitches again, as opposed to those null-pitch dust bowls. Cricket can only be the winner here.

  9. That’s why Steyn is a great bowler.. He ran through batting line-ups in India more than once on dead pitches..

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