Graham or Graeme Swann?

Graeme Swann’s selection for England has opened up an old, rancid can of worms. Worms of spelling. Spelling worms.

To rid the world of these vile spelling worms once and for all, Graeme Swann is a Graeme, not a Graham.

Here are some more famous cricketing Grahams/Graemes:

We’ve long had a belief that people who use Yahoo! Answers are the dregs of humanity, so imagine our delight when we found that there was a Graham/Graeme issue on there.

Yahoo! Answers is a website where people ask a question and ‘the public’ provide answers. It’s a massively flawed concept – as with anything involving the public. It seems to attract the kinds of people who are moved to answer questions when they don’t actually have answers.

If you enjoy being irritated and hating all of humanity (like we do) it’s well worth a read. People will actually answer a direct question with ‘don’t know’, as if the world can’t get enough of their words.

In answer to the question, ‘should I name my son Graham or Graeme?’ the user ‘graybear’ (no capital) answers:

“I had no clue how to say Graeme when I first read it. I left off the R and thought, ‘Gay-me?’ The next thought was Gray-me. You and he will get really sick of correcting people.”

graybear eventually concludes that the child shouldn’t be called Graeme, because “it’s not worth it.”

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9 Appeals

  1. Swann looks as though he has a seriously bad smell under his nose in that photo.

    Can anyone identify the smell, please.

  2. That is the sweat from Steve Harmisons jockstrap after a long day in the field Ged, I’d recognise that facial expression anywhere.

  3. …especially if the aforementioned Harmison jockstrap was the hiding place of the stolen Bounty bars which are a regular feature of the Swann facebook status update.

    I used to know a Graeme who was named after Graeme Garden (the Goodies were big on tv at the time). Do you think Mr and Mrs Swann were also fans?

  4. Looks to me like he’s showing what you have to do to Peter Moores to get into his closed shop.

  5. I find I can never spell Graemeham anyway.

  6. My father was Graham, and my Uncle Graeme. We used to call him “Uncle Groam” to avoid confusion.

    Fair point on Y!A, no wonder they steal.

  7. Perhaps that smell is the smell of 100+ overs-old leather snorting past his nose.

  8. Well it just seems like hes saying “OOOOoooo yeaaaah” in some sort of weird British accent.

    But thats just me.

  9. I worked with a Grayhame earlier this year. Thought you’d like to know. It *IS* important. no really.

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