Great insight about Ishant Sharma gleaned from having spent a day watching him bowl

We were at the Test yesterday. It was… steady. Or at least it was until Stuart Broad came in.

The main thing we gleaned from our side-on vantage point is that Ishant Sharma has two different running styles during his approach to the crease. First, he jogs normally. Then, halfway through his run-up, with no discernible change in speed, he suddenly starts kicking his arse with his heels. We’ve no idea why.


We did a thing for Cricinfo about Alastair Cook being a weary middle manager. We just get a sense that things are getting fractious at home.

For All Out Cricket, we wrote that Alex Hales is scoring too quickly and people commenting on their Facebook page completely missed the point.

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13 Appeals

  1. The spirit of the Rawalpindi Express suddenly took him over.

  2. Okay, did anyone pick Jimmy as one of their hitters?

  3. Holy shit.

    …Is that a picture of you?

    Because this threatens my world-view

  4. Okay, that was an unexpected score to wake up to.

  5. I was going to write something this morning about how England’s situation wasn’t that bad and their innings had been a pretty close copy of India’s – I am left to regret.

  6. I will say this though – potentially clever captaincy from Cook saving up his allocation of runs to later in the series, when the pitch is less likely to produce a draw. Prior, too.

  7. Is this one of the most boring matches ever?

  8. I was there on Friday as well. I didn’t see you.

  9. Bit too much cricket for a match report Your Majesty. Bert’s was much better.

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