How old is Brett Lee?

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Look at Brett Lee - he's radical, dudeBrett Lee is nearly 33, but he’s tried to obscure this fact by getting a spiky haircut.

Unfortunately, spikiness is only considered a youthful hair quality among the middle-aged, so Lee’s made an error here. It’s the kind of hair that looks like it should have a Global Hypercolour T-shirt underneath it – and in fact, in that one-day kit, it pretty much does.

That said, he’s still bowling at 95mph, so he’s not quite ready to embrace caravan holidays just yet.


  1. Yes – I’ll just add that photos of Brett Lee from most angles are always welcome……Although in that picture his hair does look naff.

    I think it is time you got a better picture researcher?

  2. Warne’s is particularly intriguing, it must be said.

    It’s like he’s done fairly normal hair for himself and then thought: ‘Wait! Let’s put in a shit bit in a weird place for no real reason.’

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