Brett Lee’s reverse swing yorkers

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Brett Lee aims for the right area on middle stumpIt doesn’t matter that it’s only a one-day international at the arse end of the season. It doesn’t matter that it’s an Australian against England. The simple fact is, proper fast bowling is a fantastic sight.

Brett Lee bowled reverse swing yorkers at 95mph. It was just like Waqar Younis and there is no higher praise than that on this website.

Sod researching the batsman’s weaknesses. Sod setting him up. Sod building pressure. Sod putting the ball in the right areas. Sod setting the right field.

Just run in, bowl it as fast as you can, reverse swing it and knock the bloody stumps out the ground.


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  1. Good to watch indeed, he just needs to cut out that jumping, kicking his ankles together celebration that must rank as the gayest in world cricket.

  2. I would have preferred 90+ mph yorkers, I was at the rose bowl that was like being tortured to death by boredom.

  3. ‘proper fast bowling is a fantastic sight’ Too right there KC!

    A batsman clean bowled at 95.8 – yep he can celebrate any way he likes – and I’ll like it. [It did indeed make my day cos that was one tedious match otherwise]

    But then I liked the Flintoff Celebration. I saw pictures of the Viking [while you have not been watching he managed to sneak onto a playing field, while a match was on] bouncing about and probably trying to injure himself in front of Notts batsmen in Durhams recent CC title retaining win – I liked the look of that too.

    Could this be just a blond bowler thing – hmmmm….Broad and Wright – Pants!!

  4. It was bloody marvellous. I’d much rather see a performance like that and have my team lose than have them win against dull bowling.

    He also managed to do a remarkable thing, which is to make both sets of fans despair at the same time. England fans are muttering about how rubbish we are, and about how we haven’t got a bowler like Lee. Australian fans are muttering about why he didn’t play in the last test.

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