Ravi Bopara is keen but not too keen

He’s confident without being arrogant; humble without being meek; aggressive without being irresponsible; watchful without being bogged down.

That’s what he’d say anyway. England’s cricketers know they have to say the right things and it’s painful to hear at times. They have to remain positive otherwise the media call them weak-minded and if they’re too positive, they’re branded complacent or cocky.

Bopara’s been talking about how he aims to get big scores that win matches for England:

“I am desperate to do that. Not over-desperate because that’s when things can go wrong, but I want to be the main man for England.”

What is the optimum level of desperation?

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5 Appeals

  1. I think I may have suggested this on a previous post about Bopara, but i’ll say it again.

    He seems to be a massive cock.

  2. What unit of measurement would you use for desperation? How about the ‘Shah’?

  3. Surely it’s that quiet English desperation – eager to succeed, but knowing that 1) an unfortunate event, 2) an act of God or 3) leaves on the line can’t be too far away.

  4. The time to be the main man for England was about 2 months ago.

  5. Can you be the main man at the same time as being consistently rubbish? Not impossible in our top order but he’ll have to raise his average to about 15.

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