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Do 'running against the wind' or 'trapped in glass box'It’s nice to have a batsman who celebrates his hundreds through the lost art of mime. In Barbados he did a funny bow and arrow thing upon reaching three figures. Yesterday, he outlined the Lord’s honours board and scribbled his name on it.

Ravi Bopara could have played flawlessly for his hundred, but we perhaps learnt more because he didn’t. Bopara isn’t bothered when a fielder drops him or a ball beats the bat. That’s someone else’s problem.

He batted well and he created an England scorecard where the number three batsman is the only person to get decent runs. We thought those went out of fashion the same time we did.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. That funny bow and arrow thing, was a copy of Usain Bolt’s celebration at the Olympics.
    He does mime and impersonations.

    I’ve heard that’s what is required for a world class no3.

    Ricky Ponting does a great Dame Edna Everedge, and you should see Kumar Sangakkara’s impression of Sylvester Stallone, it’s legendary.

  2. You’re saying that’s when we went out of fashion, aren’t you?

    That’s what that year with a question mark is, isn’t it?

    Hmm? Hmm?


  3. Don’t ask him to do it though, he goes all coy.
    You’ve got to get him a bit jolly on the old j2o and hope he does it of his own accord.

  4. so now I can beat off to pictures of Inzy. neat.

    (btw, Graham Onions is shit. dibbly dobbly with a bit more pace than your average medium pacer but mediocrity just oozes out of him)

    (bring back Hoggy)

  5. Not being a huge follower of the county game, I’ve not seen am awful lot of Bopara apart from when he’s played for England.

    However, his interviews and celebrations do suggest to me that he’s probably a massive twat.

  6. 1978?
    The year I added having a crush on Ian Botham to having a crush on Glenn Hoddle (although Hoddle will always be my first love).
    Hence obviously quite a bit older than most of this group….

  7. >> e normous – I kick your cyber arse and discard you >> contemptuously.

    heheh, you’re a girl.

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