Luke Wright is first victim of the machines

Is it just us or is it grinning mischievously?We all knew it was going to happen. The machines have become self aware and they’re revolting against humanity.

The odds were on some sort of Skynet style military computer being the first to turn against us, but fortunately it was actually something far less threatening. So instead of facing nuclear missiles, we’ve simply got 90mph yorkers to contend with.

England’s bowling machine has come to think for itself and its first thought was that it didn’t much like Luke Wright. It fired a yorker into his foot and he needed stitches.

We should counter this threat to mankind by donning additional padding.

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7 Appeals

  1. Awww crap. The champions trophy hasnt even started yet and I already have to change my cricinfo team.

    If the machines truly have become self aware I can’t wait to see Haydos get back into the nets before next years IPL.

  2. The cricinfo article tells us he was “struck on the left toe”. What does this mean? Does Luke Wright have only two toes?

  3. Did the machine indulge itself in Brett Lee type celebrations? I think we should be told.

  4. Was it firing footballs?

  5. More to the point Ged – if the machine is English (or South African of course) we should include it in the team. Probably better than running between wickets than Shah too

  6. An off topic message to cat lovers – the latest MTWD report contains cat material and a picture of a cat.

    WARNING – it does also contain some description of cricket.

  7. I have always thought bowling machines look like the Tripods that did take over the world in crappy 1980s kids drama and fantastic books by John Christopher.

    So this story is no surprise to me. It was all a matter of time.

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