How to bat your way to a World Cup final

This World Cup really hasn’t turned out as batsman-centric as people imagined. Batting-centric, maybe, but not batsman-centric.

Australia have Steve Smith and a whole bunch of minor contributors. New Zealand have four overs of Brendon McCullum and then everyone’s a little too shell-shocked to really know what’s going on after that. More on this at the usual place.

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12 Appeals

  1. Wise and witty piece, KC. The Mumbai Mirror is worth its cover price for that article alone.

    I particularly like your description of Glenn Maxwell’s batting. The only phrase I would add to the description is “Afridi 2.0”.

  2. Is this the Through The Night thread?

  3. Ever since that post about unarsedness a while back I’ve been trying to figure out which cricketer fits the term best. I think I might have settled on Grant Elliott.

  4. Arse arse arse. We’re in real trouble and I really bloody hate cocky aussies.

  5. I’m poised to win a bottle of wine from a pre-tournament bet. But it feels like a hollow victory. I just can’t bring myself to be happy for Australia.

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