Mitchell Starc never was soft

He just had a bad day once upon a time. Seems a long time ago. We just about managed to remember that far back for our Mumbai Mirror World Cup final day piece, in which we also expressed the hope that the team with no spinner should lose.

We started typing this with New Zealand needing 10 wickets. We were going to say something about how we hoped that turned out to be a very specific moment in time, when lo! Aaron Finch was dismissed…

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11 Appeals


  2. Well, that was predictable.

  3. When you said, in the context of not picking a proper spinner, “In a fair and just cricket world, weaknesses would be punished.”…

    …surely you should have added the word “consistently”? England were well and truly punished for their weaknesses, whereas the Aussies somehow seemed able to overcome theirs.


  4. Starc still averages 35 in Tests and over 30 in first-class cricket. Australia have only won six of the 15 Tests he’s played.

    He’s a hell of a one-day bowler, but let’s pump the brakes a little.

  5. Still struggling with the result. My brain keeps rewinding to 150/3 after 35 and playing out an NZ innings of about 280. But it is a significant consolation to know that Brad Haddin plays for someone else:

  6. I feel physically sick. The only consolation is… oh actually there are no consolations, only anger, bitterness, bile and a desire for a huge asteroid to have hit the MCG just as they were about to win so that the match would have been declared a draw. Only those things.

    • King Cricket

      March 30, 2015 at 11:22 am

      As Jimmy Neesham said before the match:

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