Dashed on the Eden Park rocks

The Mumbai Mirror – formerly the Bombay Bathroom Mirror – stuck our picture on the front page this morning. And not even for some sort of crime. Out of merit. Or out of perceived merit at any rate. It’s all rather unnerving.

Today’s piece is about Eden Park and how India v Zimbabwe didn’t turn into the record-breaking runfest that many were expecting. You can read it here.

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15 Appeals

  1. Terrific news to see you becoming an international pundit, KC.

    My happiness for you will not turn to envy unless or until you are also commissioned to provide copy for the Mumbai Mirror “Ask The Sexpert” section.

  2. Looking most kingly in that article o King. http://wp.me/pEv9Z-2rB

  3. Ceci, that is glorious. Hats very much off.

  4. A poor second to Ian Bell for facial hair in Top Trumps.

    KC has an article in a Sri Lankan newspaper a few weeks back and now i came across this :- England: Timid, terrified, confused. Paralysed by fear. The culture is all wrong and the culture comes from the top. And those at the top in English cricket talk a lot of nonsense. It is often joked that English is only Peter Moores’ second language with his first being management garbage.
    As Alex Bowden of King Cricket put it,

    What do England do? Bring in a zombie and drop a zombie or stick with the zombies they’ve got.

    Maybe promotion to Emperor one day soon.

  5. I think KC looked a bit like Henry VI when he was younger but he looks a lot more like Henry VII now, i think that is how ancient history works. I was just researching the Tardigrades, well worth a quick look on google, absolutely no connection but what a creature!

  6. Your link led me to this – http://www.mumbaimirror.com/mumbai/cover-story/Metro-III-will-eat-up-grounds-across-the-city/articleshow/46568475.cms
    Imitating the worst of England by reducing open grounds available for cricket.

    • Eating up whole cricket grounds.

      I sense a great movie title:

      Metro III – Invasion of the Giant Tardigrades.

      “In a world where micro becomes macro and water-dwelling becomes ground-eating, only one hero can save our beloved cricket…”

    • Starring Alex Bowden (as in “bow tie”) as Alex Bowden (as in “bow down”).

      Featuring the Court for Arbitration of Sport playing a tardigrade.

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