Will Porterfield has been annoyed

Our latest column for the Mumbai Mirror is about the unextinguishable rage of Ireland captain, Will Porterfield. You may notice that the column is titled ‘Bowzzzat!’ and they used the same line when flagging our piece on yesterday’s front page.

For clarity, our name is Bowden as in ‘bow tie’ and not as in ‘bow down’ so that title doesn’t really work. It’s too late now though. It’s out there.

For anyone skipping these pieces in the assumption that they’re ‘proper journalism’ – don’t worry, they’re not. They’re pretty much the same stuff we’d write here, only longer.

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10 Appeals

  1. Ah, as with Reggie.

  2. Nice to see another string to your BOW.
    Well BOWled.
    I’m not getting much sleep at the moment.

  3. I’m worried that you’re going to get too important to write blog posts for us here, your Maj. Remember us little people once you ascend to Galactic Tyrant Cricket, won’t you?

    • King Cricket

      March 16, 2015 at 10:59 am

      As we’ve said before, this site’s the hub for everything we do. Sometimes the articles themselves will be published elsewhere, but we’ll always link to them from here. The articles will also return when whatever job it is finishes.

  4. Like the buses, these Mumbai Mirror articles: no sign of one for years and then three in three days.

  5. Just to rephrase the question in the headline, are you asking whether at some future time Porterfield might be in the state of having finished being annoyed at some unspecified time in the past relative to that future time, which might nonetheless be in the future from now (or the past, or indeed the present)?

  6. It’s that Donemana (or should I say Dunnamanagh?) County Tyrone tone that makes Will Porterfield always sound angry.

    Think of that accent and imagine anyone saying, “I’m not angry” or “I’m not shouting”.

    Even “I’ve had a really nice day” sounds angry and shouty. It just does.

  7. I think the time has come to acknowledge that Ireland deserve full international status.

    With that in mind, and considering the already packed international schedule, I’d like to propose a merger of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) with Cricket Ireland, to form the England, Wales and Ireland (and Scotland too, if they feel like it) Cricket Board (ECB).

    There will be one representative side, to be officially called England, Wales and Ireland (informally to be known as England, for brevity’s sake).

    The new coach will be Phil Simmons.

    Peter Moores can go coach the Limerick under 12s, or something.

    • An XI consisting of:

      Moeen Ali
      K. O’Brien

      … might not have done too badly at this World Cup, honestly.

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