Two hat tricks in one match – has Mitchell Starc peaked too soon?

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Sometimes you can’t be bothered sourcing an actual photo and just use something from the archives

We can’t remember the last time we used the phrase ‘peaked too soon’ to refer to anything other than someone we went to school with who hasn’t aged well.

Mitchell Starc took two hat tricks for New South Wales against Western Australia. In the words of Osman Samiuddin, he did an Amin Lakhani.

One hat trick is a lot of hat tricks, so two is a glut. Too soon. Starc will almost certainly be overbowled or injured come The Magellan Ashes (movement rate of all ships is increased by two).

A counterpoint to this is that maybe this run of hat tricks doesn’t quite constitute a peak. Even allowing for their obvious weaknesses, England will hope to put out better batsmen than Jason Behrendorff, David Moody and Simon Mackin in the first Test. Only at the climax of his second hat trick did Starc dismiss an actual batsman – Jono Wells.

Even so, it’s hard to see that any bowler’s got much room for improvement above twin hat tricks, so The Magellan Ashes (movement rate of all ships is increased by two) is basically England’s already.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Mitchell Starc foolishly frittering away his wicket quota before the Ashes. Has he learned nothing from England’s best batsmen?

  2. KC, worryingly Michael Vaughan has also tweeted that Starc is peaking too soon. I’ll start getting very worried if i see a #justsaying on this website.

  3. finnysteve’s back! As in, back on the treatment table. Due to knee knack. He’s not returned to the team or anything.

    More time lying prone for a tenuous reason (batting practice) and anticipating others to soon start doing the same. My favourite Bends-era Radiohead song? I’m #sayingjust

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