India ‘move on’ from MS Dhoni and instead pick some random Dube

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MS Dhoni (via ECB YouTube)

This headline is not strictly accurate.

It’s true that India haven’t picked MS Dhoni and it’s also true that they have picked Shivam Dube.

The misleading part is that they haven’t picked Shivam Dube instead of MS Dhoni because Dube is an all-rounder and Dhoni is a wicketkeeper (or possibly was a wicketkeeper – there seems to be some debate about tenses at the minute).

Cricinfo reports that MSK Prasad, the chairman of selectors, commented on the Dhoni decision by saying that India were “moving on” and focusing on Rishabh Pant as wicketkeeper instead.

Prasad’s contract as chairman of selectors is due to expire imminently. We’re very excited to see whether it’ll be renewed.


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  1. In other news…

    …returning from work today, I noticed excitedly that Scotland are playing Bermuda and that a Leverock is playing. Kamau, nephew of “rotundster in chief” Dwayne Leverock.

    Imagine my disappointment when a svelte speedster saved a few runs on the boundary and Bish solemnly informed us that the athletic fellow in question was Kamau Leverock. This is a sad day for girthful cricketer lovers everywhere.

    Kamau Leverock.

    1. Onias is an anagram of Saino. Maybe Saino’s is where he buys all his fish fingers etc.

      1. He doesn’t look like the “say no” type – Onias looks more like a lad who has sat down “on-he-arse” to indulge in his own buffet bowling.

        Whatever you do, do not confuse the big fella Onias with relative tiddler brothers Oronde or Okera, both of whom are also playing in today’s match.

      2. Watching Nigeria Saturday morning and there’s a lot of O-name action in that team.

        Onikoyi & Onwuzulike at the crease as I type but probably not for long against a rampant Ireland.

      3. So with Oyede and two Okpe’s to add, it is the Nigerians who win the Olympic Rings race, leaving the Bascome family seething with a mere four Os.

  2. In more other news, Papua New Guinea are playing Singapore in a T20 World Cup qualifier and not one sub-continental expat in the team! Hope they make it

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