Don’t know what to think about The Hundred? Why not take your lead from Steve Smith’s awkward polite smile?

Steve Smith (via Twitter)

Has The Hundred moved you to descend on Lord’s armed with a pitchfork and a flaming torch?


So you’re a fan then?

No, you’re not a fan.

So what exactly is your position?

If you’re basically in a shrug of a holding pattern then Steve Smith is your unlikely spiritual leader.

Here’s a few more words that explain what we’re on about here.

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9 Appeals

  1. I went for “excited” again. That’s two in a row from me on C365, “excited”.

    I don’t mean that I am excited about The Hundred. Of course not – it’s much too far away for excitement.

    I’m excited about your piece because it sums up so elegantly the conversation daisy and I had about that interview with Steve Smith when we saw it live.

    Well writ.

    You didn’t mention Smith’s abject failure to get the joke about Cardiff Bay looking like Sydney Bay, but we’ll let that pass.

    BTW Daisy is actually a bit excited about The Hundred. She enjoyed the draft and for sure wants to come along to Lord’s and see what the new competition is all about when it kicks off. So there you have it – just as the ECB marketing folk expected – a whole new audience for cricket…oh, hold on a tick…


    Wasn’t expecting that one.

    • It’s all happening out there in Dubai.

      Also, Tolerance Oval is a great name for a cricket ground. It sounds like something you would encounter at an awkward company ‘away day’…

      “OK everyone, now I’d like you all to move from the Listening Square to the Tolerance Oval and tell Steve from Accounting how his comment that the Synergy Circle is a ‘load of old b*ll*cks’ makes you feel- remember we’re not judging here, this is all about making you the best Solutions Providers you can be, as a team

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