Is James Anderson a nightwatchman?

Are we right in thinking that James Anderson came in as a nightwatchman in order to protect Ryan Sidebottom? This is beyond reason.

Our feelings about nightwatchmen are perfectly clear, but this warrants further comment. If James Anderson is functioning as the nightwatchman, it’s been his job to protect Ryan Sidebottom from the horrendous peril that is batting in the evening.

Ryan Sidebottom, lest we forget, was the man entrusted with protecting Ian Bell from that horrendous fate during the last Test – a job he singularly failed to do.

James Anderson’s protecting the man who usually protects the batsmen from playing at a certain time of day. Got it. It’s totally justified.

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13 Appeals

  1. I don’t believe he’s a nightwatchman at all.

    It’s more likely that Sidey wasn’t ready, after Ambrose fell,so Jimmy had to go in..

  2. Sidebottom was having a comfort break, whatever that is, and Anderson was on standby. Anderson should have gone in five, looking at the way he’s playing.

  3. And apparently just literally ended up being ready before monty according to TMS.

  4. He was avin a pony, weren’t he..

  5. Well, Nightwatchman or not, Andersons about to get his career best.

    I’d still rather it was hoggy there though.

  6. career best, with a quality sweep shot!

    Jimmy should be at 6!

  7. When you’re a batsman of Sidebottom’s class you need all the protection you can get – protection from you getting to the crease and making a cock of yourself.

  8. “having a comfort break”? Isn’t that Americanese for having dump?

    Yeah, Jimmy playing a corker. Maybe he already went?

  9. And a best for Broad too… impressive stuff… 50 surely…

  10. Sidebottom duck – just watch.

  11. I was listening to TMS on the drive home yesterday, and Aggers (I think) was of the opinion that Ivan Campo had suffered “a slight twinge”.

  12. Anderson’s on fire!

    as was Geoffry Boycott? Did any one just hear him on TMS (shortly before 5 on Friday)? Hilarious. Today I have learnt that Boycott fancies Shilpa Shetty, and also thinks that Mahaboob Alam is “a lovely looking lad”.

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