Is Zak Crawley the most gifted inside-edger in world cricket?

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We put it to you that if Zak Crawley wants to make it as a Test batter, he should restrict himself to using only the inside edge of his bat. Because honestly, he’s absolutely nailed this underappreciated method of run-scoring.

Three times in two overs, Zak Crawley inside-edged a four against Ireland. It’s almost as if England’s put-upon opener is aware he has an issue with the outside edge of his bat and has therefore resolved to completely take it out of the equation.

This was the first one: an exquisite square-cut for four down to fine leg off Mark Adair.

This was the second one, two balls later: an exquisite cover drive for four down to fine leg, again off Mark Adair.

And this was the third one: an exquisite Kevin Pietersen style flamingo shot for four down to fine leg off Fionn Hand.

Three different shots, three inside-edges, stumps narrowly missed on each occasion and each stroke resulting in a boundary. It’s hard to avoid concluding that Crawley has been practising this.

Middle of the bat? Nah, mate. That’s dangerously close to the outside-edge. Far better to exploit that inviting gap at leg slip.

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  1. People (*) are saying, “Yes, but this is Ireland, not Australia. Australia will be an entirely different kettle of fish.”

    But I say no, Australia will be the same kettle of fish, a kettle of fish on the way to mighty oblivion at the hands of Zak Crawley et al. I say this because if I didn’t, I would have to accept that the Ashes might be more of a contest than this, and I’m not prepared to do that at this time. And what better reason could there be?

    Also, Australia is the country with the longest name comprising only letters that score one in Scrabble. Ireland’s D puts them into a class above, while The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a five!

    (*) Australians

    1. We’re sick of second-rate sport. When’s the next Zimbabwe v Qatar fixture?

  2. It’s the way he has figured out where to put his leading shoulder that is so impressive. Because his defence is so sound (by his own account) he can afford to leave the gate open. Lesser players get bowled through it, or play on. But class will out.

  3. I can’t stop thinking about that stat that Ben Duckett only left 8 out of the first 600+ balls he faced in Test cricket.

    The Ashes is going to either be amazing, or traumatic, or both.

      1. To be fair Ireland had an impressive attack. Never have I seen 4 near identical right arm bowlers consistently hit 80mph…. apart from the 2017 Ashes where Tom Harrison seemed to decide that all english seamers had to bowl at exactly 83mph. To erm… make the convicts job more difficult or something?

  4. The inside edge down to fine leg used to be known as the Surrey drive. Zak Crawley is making a one-man bid to have the shot’s name transfered to Kent…

    …but no-one in their right mind would choose to say “Kent cut” after a couple of G&Ts.

    1. I am concerned about Ahmed, Jacks or even Parkinson getting ‘Kerriganed’.

      Time to ask Moeen to take one for the team yet again and come out of retirement? Hmmm…

      1. Jack Leach’s back! Blah blah. This is not good news.

        I’m with APW on this one. First choice for me, Moeen. Second choice Rehan. There is no third choice.

      2. Seems like it’s a choice between Rehan, Jacks, Dawson and our old favourite Mr A.N Other Right Arm Seamer.

    2. We know sometimes it looks like we’re actively ignoring major news, but quite often it’s just that we’ve got nothing to say.

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