Laszlo is indifferent to Chris Gayle‏

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Michael sent us this picture, the title above and nothing else:

Facing in the EXACT OPPOSITE direction

Our unquenchable thirst for information led us to ask whether Laszlo was named after a fictional character mentioned by Troy McClure in a Simpson’s episode.

Michael replied:

“He’s indirectly named after the cinematographer, but mostly I just liked the name Laszlo. He usually gets on the desk to remind me that he hasn’t been fed for at least several minutes. If the location matters, we’re in Wellington, New Zealand.”

We were completely satisfied with this reply and therefore posed no further questions.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. I think you’re confusing gorgeous with evil, Miriam. Look at his eyes! Them’s world domination eyes, them. Imagine he was sat in a futuristic space chair and the image on the screen was a map of the world’s key milk supply areas highlighted. See. He even has a James Bond villain’s name.

  1. Ah, but Laszlo and Michael are down under.

    Isn’t facing in the exact opposite direction the equivalent of facing in the exact same direction down there? What with everything being upside down and the water running down the plughole the wrong way and everything?

    So in his own way I suspect that Laszlo is absolutely absorbed by Chris Gayle. he is even attempting the Gayle glare, IMHO.

    Great picture, Michael. The intervals between indifferent cat pictures have been getting too long around here.

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