Let us tell you about James Vince from England’s World Cup squad

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James Vince (via YouTube)

James Vince often seems to be a man hell-bent on making the absolute least of his talent.

In Test cricket, this has mostly involved batting like a prince and then entirely unnecessarily edging one to slip on 27. In one-day internationals, it is more about batting like Jason Roy or Jonny Bairstow but for nowhere near as long.

Those two things sound not entirely dissimilar now that we write them down.

James Vince is too good for county cricket but has been a real averages-in-the-20s sort of batsman in international cricket so far. He is incredibly fun to have in the team because one way or another people get very emotional about his presence.

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  1. Why restrict to England’s batsmen? Tell us about every country’s World Cup Squad! Well, at least the ones that matter. The world demands!

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