James Vince caught at slip – but he wasn’t driving

James Vince wasn’t going to be caught in the slips driving today. Oh, no, no. Today he had other ideas.

He announced his intentions early on by edging a sort of half-defensive shot, half-leave. Vince was going to make damn certain that when he was caught in the slips, it was while playing with a complete lack of intent.

The only question was how many runs he would make before that happened. Would it be 37? Would it be 39?

It was 39.

The shot, when it came, was the indeterminate prod. Younus Khan took the catch and gave everyone a few more opportunities to assess Vince’s interminate prod techique when he floated the possibility that the ball maybe didn’t carry. It did carry though. Of course it carried. It was an edge off Vince’s bat while he was in the thirties. If it hadn’t carried he’d have had to have repeated the shot before he reached 40.

The ‘James Vince edging to slip’ montage extends still further. How many more chances will he get? We’d give him at least another innings what with his already having been selected for this Test and all.

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6 Appeals

  1. At least Ballance is still in?

  2. Would it be fair to say James Vince has a “knack” of getting caught at slip?

  3. I think I had a dream last night that England had recalled Ian Bell.

  4. In other news, Kusal Mendis has played another innings, but honours appear even after wickets for Starkers and Hazlecrack, who have thus far ran in all day.

    Also also, the (Loughborough) Lightning have been cut by the (Lancashire) Thunder. Shouldn’t that be Lancashire Lightning?

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