Michael Clarke does some sort of deal with the devil

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And I'll sell my sense of smell for a double hundredHe must have sold something to Satan to take three wickets in the penultimate over to win this Test for Australia. It can’t have been his soul though, because he must have already sold that to Ricky Ponting to bring him on to bowl in the first place. Maybe it was his testicles. Would Satan want those?

So Ponting thinks: ‘We need three wickets and there are four overs to go. Should I go with Brett Lee or Michael Clarke? Let’s go with Clarke.’

To be fair it turned out to be the right choice. Wonder how Brad Hogg’s feeling about it though. It’s one thing to be outbowled by Andrew Symonds, who’s only a spinner half the time, but to be outbowled by Michael Clarke? He’s a spinner just about none of the time.

Michael Clarke has now taken nine wickets against India at an average of 5.11 after taking 6-9 at the Wankhede stadium in 2004 on a pitch which made a cobbled street look like polished marble.

For all England’s talk of ‘putting the opposition under pressure’, this is the way it’s done. Australia are masters at it. You have to put the umpires under pressure as well, but that’s all part of it.

Australia, we salute you.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. It wasn’t the umpires under pressure, it was God. How else could Australia have won, if not by God’s favour? Michael Clarke has been touched by the divine (and Ponting), you know.

  2. And Symonds and Lee and everyone apart from Matthew Hayden, in fact.

    There’s an irony.

  3. There is a phrase, or term, popular in American Baseball. Fans of every single team, with the exception of one, use it.
    F$%&ING Yankees!!!

    As in “F$%&ING Yankees, every godd#$% time they do this to me!!”

    If you do not follow MLB, the New York Yankees are the team everybody loves to hate,and always seem to do and pull off the impossible. But screaming out that phrase seems to release some stress, so replace Yankees with Aussies and say it loud, say it proud.

  4. “If you do not follow MLB, the New York Yankees are the team everybody loves to hate,and always seem to do and pull off the impossible.”
    oh yankees cheat as well

  5. Where in the world is New York?

    You must mean Yorkshire.

    It’s Yorkshire County Cricket Club or Yorkshire Phoenix. Don’t know where you got that ‘Yankees’ bit from.

    Valid sentiments though, Cuban Dan. Have you got any more coping mechanisms we can all use?

  6. I am so gutted, and I am well aware that any guttedness I feel is about a millionth of that felt by real Indian fans. How did this happen? How? They do say that everything happens for a reason but what can be the possible reason? I am going to have to plump for “Faustian pact, and it will all come back to hurt Australia in, oh, 2009”.

  7. Ponting doesn’t have to face Harbhajan again this series. I’m sticking with “Faustian pact”.

  8. Bloody nora….

    I went to bed, with India looking OK, and probably going to hold out for a draw, and then woke up to Armageddon.

    This is rubbish.

    Michael Clarke, could well be the spawn of Satan. I don’t think he has sold anything, he doesn’t need to. Satan is his father.
    What with those three wickets, and his non-catch. It’s all a little too dodgy for my liking..

    You can understand why the rest of the world’s captains told punter to poke it, when he suggested that dubious catches should be dealt with on-field. He has a team full of cheats.
    Standing when they’ve nicked, appealing for non decisions, claiming grassed catches (and Clarke had a nice on against New Zealand recently), anns then expects the rest of the world to suddenly play ball, with this unscrupulous little arse!

    Enough of the ranting, I’ve recently given up smoking, and my mind is set constantly to Angry at present.

    I’m off for a coffee, and to scream at random strangers.

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