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If we had to sum up the opinions aired regarding Dhoni’s captaincy yesterday, it basically boils down to something like: “Yes, he could do a bit more to support and encourage his bowlers, but it probably doesn’t matter all that much because they’d still be pretty middling even then – plus he’s good in other ways.”

Like scoring 224 with fine style in order to make the opposition bowling attack look even more limited than your own. This isn’t technically captaincy, but people still label it ‘leading by example,’ which basically just involves doing anything good while you happen to be captain.

For Australia, Moises Henriques has again scored runs – which is just as well, because nobody else did. Allied to the one wicket that he took, he increasingly looks like a Test number seven who might take the odd wicket – a slot that Australia have been desperate to fill for some time, along with all the others.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. It’s an unfillable slot for Australia, the #7 who takes the odd wicket, because as soon as one is found he automatically becomes something else. Take the last #7 who can take the odd wicket – Shane Watson. In any other team he would currently be a useful #7 who takes the odd wicket. For Australia he is the opening batsman and leader of the attack.

    I think we can safely assume Henry Q will bat #3 and open the bowling in the Ashes.

    1. Steve Smith was a spin bowler who could bat at #8, then he was a #6 batsman who could take the odd wicket, then he was a #7 who Clarke didn’t really want to bowl but he could field and had a nice smile.

  2. Captains who lead the way while dragging their team along behind them never last long. Dhoni doesn’t seem to enjoy being skipper. He’ll be out within the year.
    On the plus side, LOL @ Australia.

    1. Dhoni is not a man who “leads by example”, at least not in tests. This inning was an exception to the rule. But I do agree – he will relinquish test captaincy sooner rather than later if he can find a good replacement.

      Obama and Dhoni are two men who seem to both have aged remarkably fast in the last few years. Wonder why.

    2. “Captains who lead the way while dragging their team along behind them never last long.”

      So Clarke’s time is up too?

  3. From Cricinfo:

    “Moises Henriques is only the fifth Australian to score at least a half-century in each innings of his debut Test. The last Australian to do so was Bruce Laird, against West Indies in 1979.
    “Henriques is also the first batsman to score 60 or more in each innings on Test debut when batting at No.7 or lower.”

    1. Just unlucky for him the Portugal side is so strong these days and he had to settle for qualifying for Australia by residency to play international cricket.

      Maybe with a bit more experience he’ll be able to force his way into the European Division 2 T20 Championship’s 7th placed side (and let’s not forget, the 2008 European Indoor Championship runners-up).

    2. Where are they now Part 94 – Bruce Laird. Test career ended with 21 tests, an average of 35-odd and a top score of 92.

      Bruce Laird and Moises Henriques, we salute you both.

    1. No creature can expect to travel that far under its own steam without feeling the odd niggle.

  4. O ye men of little faith! Moises Henriques is already being touted in our local press as the natural successor to Kallis as the world’s best all rounder.If he makes a 100 today then old, decrepit Jacques may as well call it quits!
    But, as Bert says, with our current selectors and team management he will probably become wickie and open the batting which will make it difficult for him to overtake Kallis any time soon.
    I’m glad I was a Goon show fan because it helps me understand our selectors just that little bit better.

  5. Missus Moises misses Moises, musing Moises messes…..

    That’s as far as I could get. Can we play complete the sentence?

  6. If any of the selectors or performances managers had even glanced at the scorecard of the England v India tests they may have had a hint that in order to win you need at least two quality spinners.
    Instead we have selected a bowling attack (1 spinner, 1 medium pace all rounder and 3 pace bowlers) with the aim of carrying it through to the kind of conditions where it would be appropriate ie for the ashes.
    So we take a team that is beginning to gather confidence, and then send them in without the proper skillsets leading to a failure to correctly execute those skillsets. Then the players have to look at that bloke in the mirror every morning knowing the bitter taste of failure. This is what CA refers to as ‘player management’.

    1. Australia doesn’t have one quality spinner right now, wolf, let alone two quality spinners.

      Even Lords and Chester-le-Street are going to be raging bunsens this summer.

      Mick Hunt at Lord’s has imported a whole load of that amazing red clay soil from Tamil Nadu, has dropped in a splendid-looking surface in the centre of the strip and is hair-drying said surface on an hourly basis, day and night.

      I can hardly wait.

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